Aresill Ceiling Lamps
“Truly Italian” Ceiling Lamp
Ares signifies “truly Italian” ceiling lamps therefore lamps of famous origin and undisputable quality. Today everyone talks a lot about “made in Italy”, offering as if to say a value of our country that should be protected and promoted. Ares personally follows the various production processes of the ceiling lamps: choice of raw materials, welding of aluminium, varnishing and construction. The structure has two large warehouses, a technical-production department, a shipping department and a beautiful showroom that may be visited, in order to view the value of the Aresill ceiling lamps in person.

Ceiling Lamps & Design
The Ares ceiling lamps are all aesthetically beautiful, real design works art. Making Italian products means making products superior on a quality level, but not only. Italians are famous also for their sense of aesthetics. The typical ceiling lamps produced by Ares are durable and have a catchy design. The Ares ceiling lamps are made using precious materials. The company is aimed at customers that are conscious of the quality of the products on offer.

The company was established in 1980 as a producer of outdoor lighting systems. After 14 years of experience in this field, in 1994 it decided to expand to develop all types of lighting systems. To this day it has been on the market for almost 30 years, with a history that allows Ares to have a wide vision of the competition and of customers demands. The decision to verify all the production cycles of lamps, is due to the desire to distinguish oneself with products of excellence.

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